Early on, many organizations found launching a website to be a daunting proposition. The need for expertise in coding called for either

  • the expense of  hiring staff with programming or design backgrounds or

  • relying on outside help for every change.

Many organizations and small companies missed out on the internet revolution. Static sites went up and were forgotten for years—all the advantages of the web missed.

WordPress changes that.

WordPress is an ideal solution for many modern communication problems.

Most important, self-hosted WordPress users own their sites. Readers may never know they are on a WordPress site. You control the content and design.

The need to know coding is all put eliminated with hundreds of pre-coded formats. A little knowledge of HTML is helpful but much can be done without it! Plug-ins add functionality—from list-building to e-commerce.

Own your own WordPress site and control advertising. Other social media platforms exist to use your readers to reap advertising revenue for themselves!

WordPress has the same sharing power.

WordPress integrates with other social media platforms.

Gotwald Creation has a team of people to support the use of WordPress—young people who know coding and social media, seasoned marketers, writers, videographers and sound experts.

We can help you launch your PODCAST, create a WEBINAR, grow an EMAIL list, and start sharing on the social media platforms of your choice with WordPress as your hub.

But there is no need to depend solely on us!


We work for your independence. We’ll always be there to help, but the beauty of WordPress is that it is not hard to learn. We can train your staff, so that when there is a simple change, like a price, phone number or typo, YOU can update your site in a timely manner YOURSELF.