Email Marketing

Modern marketing relies on building relationships. It is no longer enough to make a fast sale and walk away.

Social media teaches the value of a good word shared in tiers around the world.

The opposite is also true. A small misstep, a broken confidence, or an inaccurate claim can cost!

Email marketing, done well, protects and fosters relationships between consumers and business.

People say they hate email marketing. However,  statistics show that when email marketing is offered in helpful, informative and engaging ways, it promotes the culture and personality of your organization and is welcome by people who are truly interested in your services.

We call this email process “engagement sequencing.”

Engagement sequences consist of a short series of emails—about 5-10—offering bits of information about products and services. Recipients opt in when they accept a free offering on a web site—something of value. This may be a white paper, ebook, video or slideshow, for example.

The follow-up emails are spaced over a few days or weeks. They focus on the interests of the recipient, building engagement and trust at a welcome pace. There is no hard sell with deadlines for action, questionable promises and a price hidden several clicks away.

  • Engagement sequences create conversation. Your prospects will get to know you and you will learn from them about the products and services they want. Great marketing information.
  • Engagement sequences prompt action.  Engagement presents the standard Call to Action in small steps. First, get to know one another. Learn what products or services interest readers. Channel them to the most helpful places. Offer a product that will delight. Your buyer will buy with confidence. You will be remembered as helpful.

Engagement sequences must create a safe environment for interaction, making it easy for readers to opt in for more engagement and opt out at any point.

 Opt out? We don’t want anyone to opt out!

Is this what you are thinking?

Yes, you do.

The internet is personal. Participants are wary that the information they share can be abused. Modern marketers have to foster and protect  relationships with customers and potential customers.

This approach is scary for marketers accustomed to forcing a captured audience and selling the information they gather.

Take a minute. Channel how you feel when the movie advertised as beginning at 2:30 actually starts at 3:15 after 45 minutes of ads.

Here are three sample engagement sequences created by Gotwald Creation:



I was asked to revamp this training for use in business training.

Engagement sequences keep event afterglow shining. They can also be used in advance of an event for orientation and to promote enthusiasm and sales.

Here are excerpts from an engagement sequence I wrote for participants in a training course for faith-based groups.

The goals of the email sequence are to

• add value to the purchased training.

• to continue to create authority on the topic.

• encourage subscriptions to the sponsoring website.

• encourage participants to join a community of users specific to the training.

• lead users to additional trainings.

These examples are shortened. Buttons and links are removed. Nevertheless, you can see that each email provides added value and points to other opportunities for engagement.


Thank you for purchasing Welcome Is A Verb!

WELCOME, (name),

Thank you for choosing the training Welcome Is A Verb: Creating an Intentional Plan for Church Growth. We are honored to be working with you on this important part of church life that is so often taken for granted.

Welcoming is a part of church culture that affects every aspect of ministry. It opens doors, grows networks, and builds influence in the community. Our ability to achieve mission depends on welcoming skills.

How to get started

Welcome Is A Verb comes in three modules.

Use the modules in a way that works for you. A voiceover is provided but your leadership might want to add their own commentary. The slides are designed to allow for either method of presentation.

Module 1 is a “big picture” look at welcoming.  It addresses the concerns of church leaders—both clergy and lay members. It will guide your leaders in answering key questions such as:

• How is our neighborhood changing? Are important needs overlooked?

• What skills must we develop and nurture to reach changing demographics?

• Who is responsible for welcoming?

Module 2 is a checklist that can be used widely in your congregation. It prompts consideration of things congregations often overlook. Governing boards, committees, auxiliaries, Sunday School and Youth Groups can all review the checklist. It might even be featured at a staff retreat or congregational dinner.

Module 3 is a meaty section that suggests specific strategies.

Use Welcome Is A Verb widely in your congregation. Large groups. Small groups. One on one. Use it this year. Review it again next year.

Help us help you (and others, too)!

What is your biggest welcoming challenge?

Hit reply and let us know. We’ll help you find answers,



So, How Is Your Welcoming Plan Coming?

Hello (name),

It’s been a week since you purchased the training, Welcome Is A Verb: Creating an Intentional Plan for Church Growth.

Have you had a chance to review the modules? Are you ready to get to work?

Welcoming is the responsibility of EVERY church member.

How do we switch gears from today’s Stranger Danger culture to create a community that embraces visitors?

Part of becoming a welcoming congregation is knowing what to say.

LIFE SCRIPTS are one answer.

Life Scripts help us get over  shyness. We all know the most familiar life script.

How do you do?

Fine, thank you. And you?

But where do we go from there? What do you say after Hello?

What do you say to those facing tragedy? How do you ask questions without feeling nosy? How do you invite without being pushy?

Here is a blog post 2×2 published that provides some basic welcoming Life Scripts.

Read it and let us know what you think. Do you have a favorite Life Script that might help others? Hit reply and share!

Teach scripts to your congregation. But most important—model them!



Are We There Yet?

Hello (name),

Children have a sense that what comes next is more important than what is happening now? While they are downing lunch’s peanut butter and jelly sandwich, they are asking, “What’s for supper?”

There is an important lesson to be learned from this.

What happens after your first encounter with a visitor?

The temptation is to step back and wait. “We’ll see if they come back.”

If that’s your congregation’s follow-up strategy, be prepared to fail.

Here’s a blog post that addresses the critical next step.

Think like your kids. What’s next?



To See Ourselves As Others See Us

Hello, (name),

Did you have visitors in church last week? Think for a moment like a visitor.

What do your visitors see? How do they feel?

One of the challenges of church leaders is working in isolation. We rarely visit other churches and therefore have little firsthand experience as visitors.

Welcome Is A Verb grew from our congregation’s project of visiting. For two years, a small group spent two or three Sundays each month visiting other churches—more than 80 in all. We encountered a number of approaches to greeting visitors.

• Two larger churches have welcoming stations in the narthex complete with swag  bags for visitors.

• In smaller congregations we found a more personal touch. Members introduced us to others or offered a tour of the building.

But these were exceptions. More often than not, we felt invisible.
We came and left worship with nothing more than a nod or quick hello.

The failure to plan for visitors has more alarming implications in today’s world. Without planning you may never see visitors at all!

The Visitor You’ll Never See

Today people do their church-shopping online. If your congregation’s website does not engage them, visitors will move on without ever setting foot in your sanctuary.

Here’s a post on 2x2virtualchurch.com that gives some tips for engaging visitors on your website. Share it with your congregation!


Not sure if your website is connecting with visitors?

2x2virtualchurch.com offers a free review. Send us a link. We’ll review your site and send you an email to schedule a FREE 30-minute consultation.

It’s easy. Hit reply and paste in your url. (Did I say, “It’s free”?)



Are you alone in ministry?

Welcome back! (name).

Church work can be terribly lonely. Do you know the feeling?

Creating a welcoming culture can help. It builds on the power of networking.

Visitors might be shy and feel vulnerable, but so do church members. No one likes to feel alone.

That’s why we created a Welcoming Support Group. It is a section of our website where church welcomers can share ideas and seek advice.

Together, we can find answers.

Join the Welcome Is A Verb Support Group today.

We’ll send you a link to a Free Chancel Play -a fun way to introduce the topic of welcoming to your congregation.



Is Your Church Ready for the Digital Reformation?

Are you ready for a next step in welcoming, (name)?

We hope you are having success in developing your welcoming culture. Welcome Is A Verb stresses the importance of your website as the modern visitor’s first encounter with your congregation.

Web ministry creates challenges. It is not part of church tradition. Church leadership has been slow in adopting technology.

That’s not just an opinion. Here’s an infographic published by the Barna Group in 2015. It indicates that 25 years into the digital age, church leaders lag behind in acceptance of the greatest evangelism tool the world has ever known. The turquoise bar may seem to show marked improvement, but the dark gray companion bars are statistics from 15 years ago. Acceptance of the internet grew only 19% during the time that the internet achieved universal acceptance in virtually every other field!

BARNA GROUP imageMove over, Gutenberg!

The church embraced the printing press in the 15th century. The Reformation resulted.

Time to join the Digital Reformation!

The problem? Congregations don’t know where to begin.

2x2virtualchurch developed trainings to help congregations get started.

ONSITE: 2×2 will come to you and work with your webteam to create a website. We make sure you have an operating website and a team trained to use it. Here’s a link to an interest form.

TRAINING MODULES: 2×2 offers training modules that walk your web team through the steps to create a website that is easy to maintain and change frequently. It also helps you establish protocols for monitoring and posting. Here’s a link to more information and a contact form.



Global Safari Group offers custom, upscale safaris to Africa and other exotic travel destinations. The engagement sequence starts when someone clicks to download the a Powerpoint presentation on the globalsafarigroup.com home page.

At this point, they have provided only a first name and email address. That’s all! No long form to fill out. The less information you require upfront, the more likely a response that will allow you to build trust.

Notice how the sequence uses the recipient’s first name in both the email subject line and withing the message.

Each email is written from the viewpoint of Doris, GSG’s Number One expert on African travel.


Name, learn how visiting Africa impressed famous people.
Headline in attractive template using GSG’s colors:

Why Travel to Africa?


Welcome, Name,

I’m Doris. I am excited that Africa interests you. Click the button below to download Why Travel to Africa?

I first discovered Africa many years ago. I’ll never forget my first impression. As I stepped off the plane, I felt suddenly at home.

Africa drew me in.

I’ve revisited Africa more than a dozen times and I’m planning to return with my grandchildren soon!

Why Travel to Africa? shares the lasting impressions of this vast continent recorded by a number of famous people from different walks of life. I hope it inspires you to want see Africa for yourself!

Enjoy the show. Hit REPLY and let me know which image inspired you the most.

(This last step invites engagement in a safe way.)


Are You Ready to Explore Africa?

Name, Join the Great African Explorers

It’s been a few days since I sent you the link to Why Travel to Africa? I hope it inspired you!

Africa is a place that waits to be discovered over and over again. It promises to enthrall every visitor.

There is much in Africa that is still new to the rest of world. So you will be joining the early explorers. Truly!

I traveled a great deal before venturing to Africa. Here’s just a little about what makes Africa different.

  • When you travel to the Caribbean, you know what kind of vacation you’ll have. You and hundreds of other sun worshipers will be vying for space on the beach.
  • When you travel to Europe, you know what to expect. You’ll wait in line to see castles, cathedrals and museums.

Your trip to Africa will not be a cookie cutter experience!

Africa is a big place—so big it is hard to know where to begin.

I know you are busy. That’s why Global Safari Group and I have put together some short and fun presentations to help prepare you for an African adventure.

There are seven of them. You can view each one in a minute.
I’ll send you a new one every few days. You can opt out at any time.

But if you stay to the end, I’ve got a surprise video for you that has delighted millions. No kidding!

Download our first presentation now.


Why do you like to travel, Name?

Questions Only You Can Answer


Hi, Name
A couple of weeks ago you downloaded Why Africa? I have a question I’d like some help with.

Do you remember the slide that showed Africa with the land masses of a good part of the world super-imposed over the continent of Africa?

I think that’s a powerful image, but my colleagues at GSG have an ongoing debate.

Some of us think another image communicates the size of Africa even more clearly.

Below, I’m showing the two images side by side.
Which one do you think is more effective?

There are no bragging rights involved! I just want to always be sure that I share my love for Africa in the best way.

If you can spare a second to help me, just hit reply and type one letter:

A-if you think the map with just the continental US works best
B-if you think the map showing many countries works best

Here’s your weekly short presentation. This one poses some questions for travelers about why they want to travel. The answers to these questions are very helpful for planning a trip to a place as big as Africa!

As always, if you like what you see, please feel free to share and if, at any time, you decide Africa is not for you, you can unsubscribe.

I’ll miss you! But Africa will still be waiting if you change your mind!

If you stick around, I’ll have another short presentation ready for you in a few days.

(Notice how engagement and trust are building. We’ve asked them to trust us enough to share and at the same time offered them a chance to opt out.)


Here’s A Tip, (name): There is always a good time to visit Africa!

Where and When to Travel in Africa


Hi, Name,
Did you have a chance to look at the short presentations I sent last week? I hope it helped you explore your reasons for travel.

Does Africa still sound like a fun adventure?

One of the great things about a continent as big as Africa is there is always a “good” season somewhere! You might be wondering where to begin!

The next GSG presentation talks about when and where to travel to Africa. It won’t take much of your time—just a minute.

It gives a quick overview of the climate and different regions. Just enough to be helpful without overwhelming you with long lists of statistics about rainfall and temperature highs and lows.

Download it now. And please, I want you to be excited about travel—especially travel to Africa. But if you ever decide that this is not for you, feel free to unsubscribe.

Look for my next short presentation in about a week.
Meanwhile, turnaround is fair play. I’ve asked you a lot of questions. Now, if you have a question for me, just hit reply and start typing. I’ll be glad to get back to you.


Does Africa sound too good to be true, Name?

What does Africa cost?


Hi, Name,

It’s been a few days since I sent you a short presentation about when and where to travel in Africa.

Are you starting to dream about your perfect trip?

I’m sure you are wondering about costs.

When you travel to Africa there are different costs to consider than travel to more developed regions.

You’ll want to be absolutely sure of your connections and accommodations because much of the time you will be in remote areas.

But I’m not telling you this to worry you. Africa’s tourist industry offers great options and it is built on attentive hospitality. Even the tents in the bush are luxurious.

You’ll find that travel costs are fairly inclusive. If you want to know more, download the next presentation.

Again, our presentations are short and designed to be fun.

Costs tend to raise a lot of questions and I encourage you to ask them.

I know one of my big frustrations as a travel professional is the conflicting information travelers find on the web. So please, let me help.

Hit reply and send me any question you have about travel costs to Africa. If you want me to give you a call, please leave a phone number and suggest a good time (include your time zone!).

(Notice how engagement offers are building. We started with an easy poll—just two choices. Then we invited email questions with the promise of a personal answer. Now, we’ve invited them to phone.)

In a few days, you’ll receive our fifth short presentation. I hope you stick around. But feel free to unsubscribe if you are sure this isn’t for you.

If you change your mind, we’ll welcome you back any time.


Name, are you wondering if your cell phone will work on safari?

Connecting while on safari


Hi, Name,
Were you able to review last week’s presentation on travel costs to Africa, Name?

I didn’t include any specific prices—the range is great and depends on a lot of factors that are your choices.

If you are ready to ask for a quote, hit reply and type in: Quote Please!

I will get back to you and suggest a couple of next steps. You can decide which step to take.

Meanwhile, I would like to help you think about the remoteness of Africa. It can be daunting to today’s travelers who want to make sure they are always a cell phone away from the life they left behind.

This week’s presentation helps you know what to expect from your cell phone, laptop or iPad in the bush, deserts or mountains of Africa.

I promise . . . It’s not as bad as you might think.

You may find Africa’s remoteness to be a special blessing!

Download our presentation on Media now.

The next presentation will arrive in a few days. It’s one of my favorites because one of the greatest things about travel in Africa is the lasting and priceless memories. We’ll suggest ways to record your trip.


, get ready to share your adventure

Making your trip last forever

I hope last week’s presentation about vacationing in the remote areas of Africa isn’t worrying you, Name. I can tell you from personal experience — the things that matter at home stop mattering when you are out in the bush. Time will expand and you will connect with yourself and fellow travelers. You won’t miss those dropped calls!

You have to experience it to truly understand.

If it still worries you, feel free to ask specific questions about areas you want to visit. Hit reply and type your questions. I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

This week’s presentation addresses ways to record your trip.

Of course, you’ll want to bring a camera, but I’ll suggest some other ways to enrich your safari experience.

This is one of the best parts of travel and I want to help you get it right! The result will last a lifetime and will create a legacy for your children and grandchildren.

Download GSG’s short presentation now.

Next week is the last in this series of presentations.

I’ll talk about being prepared for safe and healthy travel.


Africa is a safe place to travel, (name).

Healthy Travel in Africa

I am so happy to have been able to share this series of short presentations to introduce Africa travel. Thanks, Name, for watching.

Here’s GSG’s last presentation. It is about healthy travel in Africa.

I assure you that Africa offers excellent health care for travelers who have the misfortune to require assistance. Also, you’ll find your hosts eager to meet special needs such as dietary restrictions.

I work very closely with travelers to make sure they meet all the health requirement for traveling to specific regions.

Download the short presentation now.

Just to review-the presentations (with links provided) covered:

•    Reasons to Consider Africa Travel
•    Questions for Travelers  to Answer Before They Plan A Trip
•    An Overview of When and Where to Travel in Africa
•    What Safari Costs Cover
•    What to Expect from Modern Media in Remote Regions
•    Great Ways to Record Your Trip
•    Healthy Travel in Africa

If I missed something, please let me know. Hit reply and drop me a line. I want to always be ready to help every traveler with every question!

Thanks again. I’ll send you one more email as a reward for sticking to the end. I think it will make you laugh out loud. I don’t even care that it is at MY expense!

Keep dreaming about Africa!

Best regards, Doris.


Name, here’s that treat I promised.

You never know what will happen in Africa!

I promised you a reward for sticking to the end, Name.

Here it is.

This is a link to a video that went viral. It features me, Doris Reimers, and a cast of mountain gorillas.

I did not post this video! I wish I had. It has received more  than 3 million views!

Comedy Central showed and added their own twist to it.
I don’t want my experience to scare you. It was actually exhilarating. I plan to go back to visit this same family of gorillas soon. This time I’m hoping for something more like a hug and a kiss!

Enjoy. And please visit GSG on Facebook and follow our blog for travel news.

I hope you’ll soon be on a plane to Africa. If I can  be of service, hit REPLY or give me a call at 1-800-882-6788.


This is a simple example. There will be more sequences tailored to the responses gleaned from this one. For example, travelers who expressed an interest in South Africa will receive different messages than those who want to see the mountain gorillas.

Here’s another engagement sequence for a totally different audience.


2×2 is a blog for small churches written from the lay point of view.

It’s home page offers a slideshow for use in church groups that are crafting a mission statement—a common exercise in the church setting.

2×2 must build authority because it’s services are not offered in the way congregations are used to receiving services.

  • They are not affiliated with a denomination.
  • They focus on lay leadership and implementation when most publishers focus on clergy and professional leaders.

The purpose of this sequence is to introduce readers to the types of resources they will find elsewhere on the 2×2 website.

The first sequence begins when a reader clicks to download a free slideshow on the topic of mission statements. The 2×2 blog was showing that questions about writing mission statements was driving a good bit of traffic.


Name, are you ready to be inspired for mission?

Welcome to 2×2: Hands on help for Small Church Ministries


Hello, Name

Thanks so much for your interest in Mission Inspiration.

We at 2×2 know the challenges congregations face in defining their missions. We hope this booklet helps to jumpstart your process.

Please feel free to share it with your team.

Mission Inspiration is also available on 2×2’s Slideshare site in Powerpoint form so that you can share this with a group.

By the way, you’ll find lots of helpful slideshows on our Slideshare site. These are just one form of content 2×2 shares every week.

Thanks again.

Enjoy and Inspire!



Would you like to share Mission Inspiration?


Hi, Name

Thank you for downloading Mission Inspiration last week. Have you had time to look at it?

Which image or passage did you find to be most inspirational? Hit reply and let us know!

If you think Mission Inspiration would help your mission partners and you’d like to share it in a group setting, here’s a link to our Powerpoint version.


What a nine-year-old can teach your congregation

How are we getting along?

Hi, Name
About two weeks ago, you downloaded Mission Inspiration.

Did you have a chance to share the Powerpoint version with your Mission Team yet?

If your group came across a meaningful passage we missed, please share it. We’ll add it to the next edition of Mission Inspiration.

Just hit reply and type away.

Mission is an ongoing discussion.

Here’s another link which should spark a great discussion of mission. It is a favorite of mine. We feature it on 2×2 now and then so it doesn’t get lost under dozens of posts.

It is the story of a 9-year-old boy who adopts an ambitious mission. It is beautiful. I’ve watched it dozens of times and it still brings a happy tear to my eye.

But more than that—it teaches mission in a very engaging way.

Here’s a short study guide to help spark a good discussion.
Click here to download.

I hope this 11-minute video gets a good discussion going and continues to inspire mission.

Keep the discussion going!


Name, it only takes a spark!

We Came to Play

At the end of Caine’s Arcade, the people chant “We came to play!” How inspiring is that!

What’s your congregation’s rallying cry?

At 2×2 we know just how frustrating it can be get fired up for mission. Sometimes a child can lead the way!

Consider featuring Caine’s Arcade on your congregation’s website.
Feel free to use questions from 2×2’s Study Guide with it.

Here’s the embed code.

<iframe src=”//player.vimeo.com/video/40000072″ width=”500″ height=”281″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”></iframe>
<a href=”http://vimeo.com/40000072″>Caine’s Arcade</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/nirvan”>Nirvan Mullick</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a>.

If you have a WordPress site, it is easy to copy and paste this into the text of a post or page.
Contact us if you need help. Just hit reply and let us know you want to share a great story about mission.

There’s an old song—“It only takes a spark to get a fire going.”

We help you light the fire!



Name, what’s your next step in mission?

Turning Mission into A Movement


re you fired up for mission yet?

Mission is an ongoing project. Part of 2×2’s mission is to keep finding and developing resources to help congregation’s keep the discussion going.

Here’s another video that I love.

It is from a TED talk. It is short and surprisingly entertaining. Derek Sivers describes the behavior of an audience at (I’m guessing) a rock concert. We never really see the performance—only the crowd. The background video is grainy and far from professional but it teaches the dynamics of any successful mission.

It reveals that leadership is not the most important element in creating a movement.

Watch the 3-minute video to find out what is!

Here’s the link.

Enjoy. Again, if you like it as much as we do, share it with your mission team and embed it on your congregation’s website to inspire everyone. (If you have trouble with this, hit reply and let us know. We’ll try to help!)

Are you fired up for mission yet?

Mission is an ongoing project. Part of 2×2’s mission is to keep finding and developing resources to help congregation’s keep the discussion going.

Here’s another video that I love.

It is from a TED talk. It is short and surprisingly entertaining. Derek Sivers describes the behavior of an audience at (I’m guessing) a rock concert. We never really see the performance—only the crowd. The background video is grainy and far from professional but it teaches the dynamics of any successful mission.

It reveals that leadership is not the most important element in creating a movement.

Watch the 3-minute video to find out what is!

Here’s the link.

Enjoy. Again, if you like it as much as we do, share it with your mission team and embed it on your congregation’s website to inspire everyone. (If you have trouble with this, hit reply and let us know. We’ll try to help!)


Have you heard this excuse before, Name?

But we don’t have people to do mission.


Have you heard this? We did! We were tempted to believe it!

Instead, we did what we could with the people we had. We surprised ourselves.

First, make no mistake. We are a small church.

Here is just one story of how our little congregation made a big difference.

We had a small number of people and no building to help us grow locally. We took our ministry online.

Our internet ministry caught the attention of Pakistani Christians. As we’ve told you, we respond to all inquiries. We had been corresponding with a pastor there for nearly a year when a Muslim terrorist bomber, angry at America, bombed a Christian church as services let out.

The story made the national news but the western church paid little attention. Hundreds were killed and injured.

We are so small. We didn’t think we could do much to help with such a big project.

But we tried.

Here’s the link about what resulted.

We learned in July 2014 that the congregation we helped last November has been able to purchase land to build a church and orphanage—the first Christian orphanage in Pakistan.

The project did more than help other Christians in need. It helped grow our self-esteem.

As we mentioned before, small churches reach the people who fall through the cracks in larger, more structured organizations. Christians in Pakistan are off the radar of the western church. Our website helped us find each other. We were able to meet a mission need that was being overlooked.

We are working now to launch a blanket drive for the beds in the new orphanage.

If you’d like to be part of this project, contact us. We’ll brainstorm with you. You never know what a small church can do when they follow their hearts.

Hit reply to get the conversation started.