Is writer’s block a problem
for your content team?

Gotwald Creation’s roots in both journalism and graphic design lend themselves well to modern media.

We’ve helped clients with expertise diverse fields set up WordPress sites and integrate them with other social media. WordPress is the ideal medium for this as you can control the look, content and advertising.

As we point out in the presentation below, 85% of searches on the web lead to blogs. Often they are so well integrated into the corporate website that users don’t realize they are viewing a blog.

Blogs are hungry for ideas.

Gotwald Creation teaches a course on how to keep content ideas coming and how to plan and schedule content.

Here is the slide deck from that course.

It will show you how we view content from broad perspective and look for ways to both create, repurpose, and curate content to keep your Social Media fresh.

It’s ongoing work, for sure. But it has definite value for advertising your company or cause.

Our longest project: Annual readership growth from 3000 the first year to 50,000 the fourth year. Four years. 1500 posts. An ebook. Six ebooks in progress. Two webinars in progress. Ideas still flowing!

Here’s another slide deck that accompanies a course I teach on writing press releases:


Careful planning can help you build your relationship and personality with your audience. Here are some examples of branded content that Gotwald Creation developed for Global Safari Group. (You can see more on the PRESENTATIONS page.)

Each of these can be used in multiple ways—customized for Facebook or Twitter, for example. The first one, 33 Ideas for Family Fun in Africa, can be 33 blog posts, each with Facebook entries and tweets, for example!

A series of cards use African images in a branded way. These cards can be posted on Facebook or mailed using a service like SendOutCards.